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Stick On Strapless Invisible Bra - Voloum Store

Stick On Strapless Invisible Bra - Voloum Store

  • June 28, 2022
  • Posted By : Tejas
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Stick On Strapless Invisible Bra

You can attest to the physical discomfort of traditional bras and how they ruin your fashionable look. First, the straps will keep falling down your shoulders –when you're least aware –and you always have nervously tucked them back. But of late, new bra innovations have eliminated these constant bores –strapless bras. However, not all changes are perfect; the back straps still make it impossible to wear open dresses or shirts. Backless bras created to solve this problem still fall short on being perfect. A perfect bra, in theory, should: offer reliable support, which boosts confidence; provide comfort, which lacks in many brands today.  The stick on the invisible bra was designed to address these challenges; but does it work?

"Yes, it works perfectly." 

These bras feature two silicone cups with the insides covered with adhesive. You paste the cups –one at a time – and bring them together using clasps or drawstrings. Elegant edges make them hard to detect, and the front adjustable clasp helps you enhance your cleavage. Stick on invisible Bras are reusable and washable, with a life time of up to 50 reuses before the stickiness wears off. 

Don't they hurt when you rip them off?

No, and nothing is left over your skin and don't harm your breasts. Being strapless, you can show some shoulder skin with off the shoulders tops. You can also wear open dresses and low cut shirts, which will open a new world of possibilities for your style. 

Stick on Bras vs. Strapless Bras

Most of you probably own a convertible bra –a regular bra with removable straps –that has one shortcoming. "It keeps slipping down!" To keep it from sliding you can reduce the band size, or make it tighter by purchasing a smaller cup size, but this removes the necessary comfort. With stick on invisible bras, you don't have to worry about the band size and comfort.

Magic Bras vs. Backless Bras

You probably tried on that hypnotic dress with a crazy back and found yourself staring at the horrid strap. Backless bras feature no straps at the back but lack the necessary support. They are also most suited for women with smaller chests. These bras share a disadvantage with stick on invisible bras; they are both not suited for rigorous movement. However, the magic bra will offer more support and a fuller cleavage.  

Verdict on the best option for you

 Ultimately, you should base your decision on comfort, dresses you want to buy, and support. The stick on invisible bra outranks the other bras but fails under conditions of excess moisture. They might feel tight at first, but you will get used to them in no time. Strapless bras are cheaper and highly customisable for different looks. In the end, if you feel more confident and sexy wearing a bra you have the best deal. It's better to have them all and try them out.

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